Alex Kendrick the director of the Courageous Movie

Alex Kendrick

Alex Kendrick born 1970 in Athens, Georgia, USA, director of the Courageous Movie and also film writer, producer and actor. He live in Albany, Georgia with his wife Christina and their six children. Alex is follower of Jesus and many of his speeches were on FOX News, CNN, CBS Evening News, ABC World News Tonight and, many other media. Part of Kendrick Brothers Productions with his brother Stephen in honor of Jesus Christ are writing books, curriculum and making movies in which are speaking of the love and truth of God. With their stories they inspire the viewers and readers about spiritual lives and strengthen their relationships personal and familiar. And now they are planing fifth film and want to involve in some of the greatest students who are actively pursuing in Christian film making. They work with Sherwood Pictures, the movie making ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in birth city of Kendrick brothers. Interesting about Alex and his work is that they become more influential than churches. Courageous was the best selling movie from all four Kendrick movies distributed by Tri Star, and grossed $34.5 million.


In the link below we have speech of Alex about his inspiration and his connection with God.