Actress in Courageous Movie

RENEE JEWELL  acting the caracter of Victoria Mitchell in the Courageous Movie . In her real life she is big fan of the Sherwood Pictures, one of most who are fallowing the Sherwood Baptist Church. Into the movie Renee is wife of Adam Mitchell, also in to thee movie called Facing the Giants she is the best friend of Coach Taylor’s wife and, in Flywheel her husband is Pastor of missions for the church and also she shows as a member of Sherwood’s  choir team.


Picture of Victoria Mitchell and her husband

RUSTY MARTIN JR. acting as Dylan Mitchell student in high school, live near Raleigh. His father is actor so Rusty deside to fallow his steps in acting in religious films except in Courageous he is acting in Wesley also movie about faith, as the young John Wesley character. In Courageous his real father is owner of the factory and he is son of Adam and Victoria. About his character in the movie he is saying that he does not have a good relationship with his father what is opposite from his real life and, about that he is very happy and he is wishing to everybody especially teenagers to be blessed with that kind of relationships.


Dylan Mitchell

KEN BEVEL acting the character of Nathan Hayes. He has worked in Marine Corps for 20 years, now he is retired but he started with other new career in pastoral staff of Sherwood Baptist Church. He begins in the Fireproof as Michael Simmons, friend of Caleb Holt. His connection to the character of Nathan is so close, because both are into faith, believing, fallowing of God and church.

Ken Bevel

Nathan Hayes

ELEANOR BROWN showing as the character of Kayla Hayes. In real life she is actress in theater and teacher in high school in Birmingham. At first she was not ready for acting in movie but she said that God has encouraged her to start cooperating with Sherwood pictures. In the Courageous she is wife of Nathan Hayes and, they have three kids. As in the movie in real life she is also member of church in Birmingham. For her character in the movie she says that Kayla is very good wife and mother, she support her husband and their family is filled with love and strength .


Kayla Hayes


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